Finally, a chance to be seen!

I am absolutely excited with the forums, in my opinion Discord is great, but it’s so easy for messages to get lost in there, so many projects are pushed way up where they will never be seen by others. I am excited about these forums, because it gives users a more permanent solution, where their words, projects, request for help, etc. are more readily available.

Great job Scrimba!


For sure! It can get super chaotic in Discord which can unfortunately drown out some important questions/interactions. Plus not everyone resonates with that style so we’re opening up more avenues for our community to communicate with us and vice versa. Hope this greatly helps!


Oh, it will for people such as myself, I’m sure. I rather prefer the nice organization of forums versus messenger services.

My favorite thing thus far is how much easier it is to pull important information. Keep up the great work team!

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Agreed, this is much better than Discord.