How can I test my web pages for accessibility?

I know how to check if my webpage is responsive using Inspect Tools.
how can I test my webpage for accessibility and colors?
Thank You

There are a lot of links in Google search results.
You can try this one for example:

PS There are other services and links on that website too.


I second the WebAIM resources. I’ve used their extension for a lot of my work in the past and it has helped a lot. You can check out their evaluation tool here: They’ve got a suite of tools to target many aspects of accessibility.

Just straight up manually checking too is great by utilizing a screen reader for you site and seeing if it correctly reads your site. Another colour checking options is to look at Coblis — Color Blindness Simulator – Colblindor and do a pass of your website assets through that. I’ve used this before to correct some website images/infographics in a government site I was working on.

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Using the inspect element itself will help you test accessibility for your page. Just open the inspect window, go to Elements tab, just a bit down you will see an option for Accessibility. Click on the element you want to check the accessibility for. If you want to check the overall performance just search for the lighthouse tool.


A quick note to say that today we launched a FREE course on accessibility. Learn Web Accessibility


I completed the course Learn Accessible Web Design. (Btw, it is FREE to all Scrimba users).

Although the field of accessibility (A11y) is vast, I must compliment the author because he managed to focus on a few fundamentals which, if implemented, significantly increase the accessibility of our sites! Well done, Fredrik!