Limit for the open trivia db API

I’m working on the Quizzical project from React Basics: Module 10 and am wondering if for the open trivia db, does the API allow 50 calls per day or 50 calls period?


I think it’s 50 questions per call. Had a quick look over their documentation and that seems to be the case: Open Trivia DB: Free to use, user-contributed trivia question database..

They also have another limitation of

Only 1 Category can be requested per API Call. To get questions from any category, don't specify a category.

In case that interferes with anything you want to do too.

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Thank you @roku . I figured out the problem. I didn’t set up useEffect properly and it was making too many requests to the API. Had to rewrite a bunch of my code and make sure the useEffect only ran once when fetching the trivia data but I finally worked it out!

So excited to almost be finished Quizzical!

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