React State Management Course?

Any plans to introduce a State Management Course for something like Redux or Zustand? All courses that i found on youtube seem either very old or very very confusing with no explanation as to how it works behind the scenes and what each line of code does.

Basically its hard to follow those tutorials after completing Scrimba ones, i guess i am spoiled? I feel like after finishing all of React, not knowing state management library kind of makes it an incomplete experience.

Thank you


Glad to hear you’re getting spoiled by our education :smile:

I think Bob Ziroll might be working on some state management content but not sure if it will be a dedicated course. I gave Bob a message so he should be able to fill you in with a message here with more clarity soon.


Ha, spoiled is definitely an accurate description.

I have been working with Zustand a little bit recently, you are right, i don’ t think it would warrant a whole course in itself, but it would be nice to do an intermediate project or something like that utilizing Zustan for state management while maybe explaining some new features as the main focus of that particular course.

Either way, you guys are doing an amazing job!! Iv been subscribed over a year now and i think I wil keep my subscription even after getting hired simply because its nice to be able to reference this many topics as a refresh all i one place. Thank you very much!

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Would vote for RTK (Redux Toolkit) course or master class too.
Some details about RTK Query, use of the Entity Adapter and maybe some other “less known” features would be nice.

PS Got 1 year subscription after going through Bob’s React Router course - that was amazing!