Scrimba has partnered with Huggingface 🤗

We are proud to announce that Scrimba has entered into a partnership with Hugging Face, one of the world’s leading AI companies.

By creating an open platform for sharing AI models, datasets, and applications, Hugging Face has played a critical role in moving the industry more towards open source. They maintain a large collection of open source libraries, like transformers and diffusers, and allow developers to access thousands of powerful pre-trained AI models, including big ones like Meta’s LLaMa, Google’s BERT, and OpenAI’s Whisper.

In this partnership, Scrimba and Hugging Face will work together to teach JavaScript developers how to use powerful open source AI models in their web apps. This involves collaboratively creating and distributing a range of different AI tutorials using the scrim technology.

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This is amazing news!!!


The HuggingFace learning material so far has been very useful. Looking forward to more!

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Is it AI Engineer material are you referring to here?

Yup, Intro To HuggingFace.js Inference 🤗

It’s nice to learn/test without worrying about hitting rate limits.