Any possibility of a Lifetime membership option?

My specific circumstances -

Been Scrimba Pro for a couple of years - Mostly for FrontEnd Developer career path. But not really doing FrontEnd as a career just the skills help my current job.

Due to work commitments, have taken a few months off from Scrimba. Now I’m back realising have forgotten a lot. My notes are all over the place.

Determined to finish up Frontend path in next few months. As this isn’t my career, can’t justify continual payments. But half my time will be trying to take notes rather than getting completely immersed in coding - because of the structure of Scrimba, when I leave, I leave with nothing - except notes I make.

A reasonably priced lifetime-membership - so can come back and consult bits to refresh my memory when needed - would be fantastic!

And. No. Scrimba money people reading this. While some people find Scrimba essential enough to keep paying it every year into forever - that’s not going to be people like me :smile:

We have been exploring some addition services we can provide along side our normal subscription option but not sure if we would have a lifetime option yet. Since there’s a lot of updates and additions with our content it might not be viable to have lifetime option. Though we haven’t really explored too much into it yet. We might even change our premium model all together depending on our findings!

What could be a possibility is that we find a an expansion of our gift option where it’s only a fixed-time payment. This is to try and be more flexible for people who’s learning process suits more of these fixed-time style compared to a subscription.

Thanks Roku

My own solution recently was to buy another course - Brad Traversy who does a lot on Youtube has a huge JS one for a small amount of money that basically fills in all gaps and acts an a lifetime complete index filling in a lot of gaps.

This is nowhere as good as being able to dive into the Scrimba interface when refreshing my memory. And his course is basically the opposite of Scrimba - Going into each thing in isolation rather than working through projects. I’m very glad I didn’t learn the basics that way.

I suppose my ideal solution would be a combination of both courses. Scrimba’s current path to learn, but also a comprehensive giant index of everything in short snippet videos that you can use for reference and you get access to without the Pro membership.

With Scrimba not having downloads or workbooks, you’re basically leaving with nothing at the end.

That’s an idea we have been looking at actually. Our upcoming 2.0 upgrade is making room for more robust ways of presenting our content. The idea of having a giant index of learning content in tandem with a dedicated learning path is something we might explore. Our early version of Scrimba before our learning paths was kind of like this so coming back full circle with a newer and better version might be of great value.

In regards to download and workbooks, this is heavily requested by our students so we’re also looking into how we can give our students something for them to refer back to once they complete the courses. As you stated, at this current version, once finished you’re left to venture off by yourself without a link back to what you learnt with us (besides your notes you created during your learning). We are building out a transcription feature for which kind of falls in to this category, but having the ability to download an actual PDF lesson/module summary or something in that realm would be really valuable I think.

I really like the short snipper video idea. Something like a Scrimba-interactive documentation for programming.

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