Getting started with the Scrimba Discord

Getting started in the Scrimba Discord

At this point you have hopefully joined the Scrimba Discord! Now it’s time to take your next steps :paw_prints:

Before venturing too far, remember it can take some time to feel at home in a new Discord community - after all, the Scrimba Discord is made up of more than 50 channels!

As a newcomer, we recommend you first introduce yourself then focus on just a few popular channels.

On this page, you will learn how to make a warm introduction (if you haven’t already), which channels we recommend you focus on, and how to “unlock” :unlock: additional channels (such as the channels were you can find coding help) once you feel more at home.

If you are following the The Frontend Career Path, read on because there are some special channels you should know how to access.

Introduce yourself :wave:

Once Pumpkin from Scrimba opens the door to the Scrimba server, take a moment to introduce yourself in the #:wave:introduce-yourself channel.

You can introduce yourself any way you like but here’s a template to make it easy. Just replace the ... bits with your own information:

Hello :wave:

My name is …, I am from … and I just started the Frontend Developer Career Path :fire:

I am currently working/unemployed/studying at …

When I am not coding, I enjoy …

Looking forward to become a part of this epic/awesome/friendly community :star_struck: :pray:

Recommended channels for newcomers

As a newcomer, we recommend you focus on the following channels:

:wave: introduce-yourself Introduce yourself and welcome others

:crossed_fingers: today-i-will State what you will do today (now you’re more likely to do it)

:tada: today-i-did State what you did today and celebrate the little wins :tada:

:trophy: i-got-hired Go get inspired! Celebrate more experienced members who got a job and look forward to joining them

:speech_balloon: general If the message doesn’t fit in another channel, it might fit here

:hammer_and_wrench: i-built-this Share a screenshot of something you built

:smile_cat: scrimba-pets Share and admire pictures of furry companions

After a few days, you’ll start to notice some familiar faces. After a week or so, you will probably feel right at home.

Unlock help channels

We have several channels dedicated to asking for and offering coding help:

If you can’t see them yet, that’s because you need to unlock them. To do this, just go to the #how-to-get-help channel, read the message there, and react with the :white_check_mark: emoji.

Just make sure you follow the advice in the #how-to-get-help channel to give yourself the best chance of getting help quickly.

Unlock Frontend Developer Career Path channels

For each module in the career path, there is a corresponding channel where you can meet other students on the same module.

These channels are only visible to you if you have the PRO member role. Pumpkin from Scrimba may have already assigned you this role if you were a PRO member upon joining. If not, type “/pro” into any channel and follow Pumpkin’s steps to grab the role.

Next steps

There is a lot more to learn about the Scrimba Discord but after reading this page, you should be in a good place to start participating in a meaningful way.