How to join the Scrimba Discord

The Scrimba Discord is another communication channel you may wish to join. It allows for similar information sharing as you find here but with extra Discord specific stuff such as audio calling, private channels and live group events.

To join the Scrimba Discord, head to Scrimba then click Join Scrimba Community:

Meet Pumpkin :black_cat::wave:

New members need to talk to Pumpkin from Scrimba (our Scrimba mascot personified as a Discord bot) before being awarded access to the server:

Before onboarding

After onboarding

When you join, Pumpkin from Scrimba will make a channel just for you called πŸ‘‹welcome-<your username> (you can see an example of this in the top-left screenshot)

Pumpkin from Scrimba will encourage you to set a nickname, avatar, and so on:

Next steps

After talking with Pumpkin from Scrimba, you should have full access to the server. Next visit this post to learn more about getting started.