Modern CSS resources

I have been using Scrimba almost since it was founded (and it offered individual paid courses, before the subscription model).

One of the aspects that seems to me to be a little neglected lately is CSS.

In the last 2/3 years there have been many improvements to CSS supported by all major browsers, but unfortunately here at Scrimba, after Kewin Powell’s courses (excellent for me) there has been no coverage.

Luckily it is possible to follow Kevin on YouTube, but I miss the interactivity of Scrimba…

In any case, I started this thread to point out some online resources to learn how to use some of the new CSS features.

To begin, I recommend you follow Ahmad Shadeed starting with his interactive guide on the :has() selector. CSS :has() Interactive Guide

Now, with CSS only, it is possible to do things that were truly unthinkable before, without having to resort to JS code. :rocket:


Thanks for the resources @giuseppeb! We’ve got a lot of updates and new content in the works so we’ll look at these new CSS changes and get some lessons and courses out!

Here is another interactive guide from Ahmad Shadeed: