Two new courses: CSS Challenges and Intro to Dall-e

Hi all, we are excited to share that we have just launched TWO brand new coding courses on Scrimba! :sparkles:

First up, we are dropping a free course, CSS Challenges - a bumper-pack of challenges designed to help you to become a CSS pro!

In this course, you’ll:
:construction_worker_man: Build loading animations, progress bars, flashcards and more using pure CSS.
:paintbrush: Recreate components and layouts from top applications like Github, Codepen, and Instagram!

Next, we have Intro to Dall-E and GPT Vision, our latest AI offering!

You’ll discover how to:
:magic_wand: Generate and manipulate images using Dall-e.
:zap: Harness the power of the Open AI API.
:alembic: Integrate GPT-4 with Vision into your AI apps & carry out comprehensive image analysis, e.g. to answer questions about an image you upload!

Hope you enjoy!