What to add in the description on of the portafolio projects?

Hi, I am building a portafolio and I do not know what to add in the description section for my projects, any suggestions or ideas are very welcome.

Here is some points that I’ve used in the past which helped a lot!

  1. Title: Name of the project.
  2. Purpose: Briefly state what it does and its goal.
  3. Technologies: List key technologies used (databases, frameworks, languages, libraries etc…)
  4. Features: Highlight major functionalities.
  5. Challenges: Mention one significant challenge and your solution (try to make this some technical challenge as it showcases your problem solving skills)
  6. Role: Your contribution if it was a team effort like an open source or collaboration project.
  7. Learnings: One key lesson learned from the project.
  8. Demo Link: Provide a link to the project or code repository.
  9. Visuals: Include a screenshot or demo video is nice too (for some design points) but if you have a link then it’s not necessary
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