Changes to the UI: Run Code

Hi, I wasn’t sure where to put this so I hope this is the right place. I was wondering about a change to the UI that seems to have happened today.

Is the Run Code button now permanently in the top right corner? I feel it was a better experience when it was in the bottom right as all of the commonly used buttons are on the bottom panel and, personally at least, my mouse is rarely in the upper right of the screen. It feels like an extra effort to move it over there to press arguably the most important button. It was also slightly jarring to have to search for it a few days after launch when it moved :sweat_smile:

Thank you

Hey @clbaft!

The post here is perfectly fine! Did you use the RUN CODE button on the bottom right recently? Our run code button has been on the top right for a while now even in our version 1 of the platform. Unless the team changed it without me noticing :sweat_smile:.

I recommend you use the run code short cut as I’ve always used that in the editor. For macOS it’s Cmd + S and for windows is Ctrl + S.

Hi Roku

Yes, it was in the bottom right while I was using V2 since launch. I suppose it wasn’t there in V1 but I only got back into Scrimba in the last week or so and it was there the entire time, so I got used to it.

If you look in the Discord channel in #site-and-account-queries there are screencaps of what I was seeing (the button in the bottom right) such as here:

and here:

For a moment now I thought I had imagined it but the screencaps show was there for a while! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on the hotkey. I will use that but I did like not having to take my hand off the mouse while committing etc. Anyway, not a huge deal, it was just the change that threw me a bit

Ah on V2. Yes there’s probably going to be quite some changes happening here and there since we’re are getting feedback on certain things. Like yours for example has been noted in our UX/UI notes so it might go back to the bottom right!

We’ve got a bunch of these improvements that is on our todos so hopefully it makes your experience better as we go! Any other issues or feedback do let us know!

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