Course proposal: React + Framework

Given that the offical React site now recommends React applications be built WITH a framework (Start a New React Project – React) I was wondering if we can expect an upcoming Scrimba course on this? Personally I would love to see React with NextJS but I think any framework would teach students the basic concepts which seem to be part of modern React applications.

Most applications now also have testing (Jest?), and TypeScript so I can imagine a further course around adding these to an existing NextJS app.

I feel these combined skills would really gear junior developer up to working in a team context and make them much more employable - which I know is a strong focus at Scrimba.

As always - love your work!


We’re interested in exploring this for sure! Once we get a more robust infrastructure to support more frameworks, backend and database, I think we will get more momentum into this route. We already have backend in the works which opens the door for many things so we’re eager to get this moving along!