The recent course updates


I have seen that over the past few days a lot of extra content and Asides have been added to the Frontend Developer Career Path.

Just been working my way through and thought I’d give my observation -

In this Scrim as an example of several, I can understand the way it was before and why the addition has been made. In the original version, the tutor deliberately gave a bad way of doing something, but it was a quick/old way. They did this knowing in a later tutorial, the same tutor would tell you the problems with that way and tell you the correct/modern way.

I very much liked this approach. It actually showed you some code you might see in the wild, so it wasn’t bad to tell us how to do it that way. Then in a later scrim the case was made for the ‘correct’ way. And in the above example, onclick is actually useful to know. I’ve used it in places I only had limited access to the HTML in a CMS.

But now as I’m working through some of the new additions, I worry that it would feel to a new Scrimba user working though the course for the first time, that they’d been taught bad information by accident and it needed a new tutor to come in and tack on a ‘correction’. Which is not the case. It was just a teaching choice that Scrimba made and seem to have changed their mind on.


Hello Stephen, thank you for your thoughts on this. I will share them with the teaching team so they can consider them for future updates. We really value all feedback from our users, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further thoughts.