Is The AI Engineer Path using JavaScript LangChain?


May I know if all the modules in The AI Engineer Path are using JavaScript LangChain?

Hello, yes - the final module in the AI Engineer Path is Build AI Apps with LangChain.

I see, so it is only the last module that is using JavaScript LangChain.

I’m not a Scrimba subscriber yet, but I see that the Build AI Apps with LangChain module is marked as 93%. I assumed that % completion is from the free The Official LangChain.js Course. I’m looking more tutorials of LangChain APIs.

Ah right, yes - it’s marked as completed because you’ve done the standalone course.

That’s the only LangChain course we have currently but keep an eye on our All Courses page for new material in the future.

I’m looking forward for LangChain.js courses in Agents and toola.