The AI Engineering Path launches this Wednesday

Who is this intended for?

Unlike many AI courses, this has nothing to do with complicated AI research and training models. Instead it’s a practical, Javascript (not Python) grounded curriculum aimed at intermediate and above web developers looking to take their building skills to the next level by harnessing the power of the latest AI technologies. So if you’ve at level 9 or above of Scrimba’s Frontend Developer Career path you should be good to go. :raised_hands:

What is an “AI Engineer”?

If you search for this term it goes waaaaay back over a decade, however, Latent Space founder Swyx, reframed it for the modern era in his blog post ahead of hosting the AI Engineer Summit in SF this October.

*I think software engineering will spawn a new sub-discipline, specializing in applications of AI and wielding the emerging stack effectively. The AI Engineer. *This will likely be the highest-demand engineering job of the decade.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things you’ll build with :point_down:

  1. AI Engineering basics
  2. Embeddings and vector databases (RAG)
  3. Building AI agents from scratch
  4. OpenAI’s Assistant API
  5. OpenAI functions
  6. Building with LangChain
  7. Text-to-speech
  8. The DALL·E 3 API
  9. Image-transformation
  10. In-browser AI models
  11. Open-source AI models
  12. The HuggingFace platform