Scrimba has partnered with Mozilla MDN

Big news! Scrimba is now Mozilla MDN’s recommended course partner :tada:

Over the last few months, we’ve worked extensively together to make our Frontend Developer Career Path even better. It now aligns perfectly with MDN’s own curriculum, which defines the essential skill set all new frontend developers need. They meticulously reviewed over 1,000 scrims and identified all possible improvements to help us lift the bar even higher. MDN will also continue to review our Frontend Path regularly to ensure that it stays up-to-date.

This means that you can always be confident that what you learn in our Frontend Path is highly relevant, correct, and accessible. The same goes for our introductory free courses like Learn HTML & CSS, Learn JavaScript, and Learn React.

Learn more about the partnership on the MDN blog :point_right: MDN partners with Scrimba to enhance web development learning | MDN Blog